Texas Stem Cell Cord Blood Banking in West Houston

Texas Stem Cell Cord Blood Banking. If you are looking for a place to store to store your newborn’s umbilical cord blood, vessel tissue, and placenta you might want to check out the Texas Stem Cell in west Houston in Texas.

texas stem cell cord blood banking

How much would you have to pay for the storage services? According to the Houston Chronicle, the cost for private storage is between $1,600 to $4,500.

If it is true that this is a one-time fee as the Chronicle states, the payment fee ain’t bad at all, no?

The Houston Chronicle (houstonchronicle.com) tells us more about the Texas Stem cell cord blood banking: “Texas Stem Cell will process and store the blood and tissue both for public and private use. While medical facilities use the cord blood and tissue — harvested after birth and rich with stem cells– for research and treatment applications, individuals can also pay to have them stored in case they are later needed should the child or other family member fall ill, said Lisa Benjamini, CEO of the company.”

The banking services of Texas Stem Cell include cord blood banking, cord tissue banking, and placenta banking.

For those of you wondering how the process works, cord blood is “obtained by drawing blood from a clamped and removed umbilical cord immediately following the child’s birth”.

Similarly, the cord tissue is likewise immediately obtained from the umbilical cord following the birth.

More about Texas Stem Cell from the company’s website: “Texas Stem Cell is dedicated to processing and preserving stem cells from a newborn’s cord blood, cord tissue, placenta, and adipose tissue that can be used in current treatments and harness tomorrow’s regenerative medicine therapies. TSC has developed the most advanced propriety methods of isolation and storage of stem cells from these sources through research and collaboration with other world experts.”

Texas Stem Cell Cord Blood Banking in West Houston. Posted 7 January 2017.