Shane Warne Stem Cell Hair Loss Therapy: How Does it Work?

Shane Warne Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment. According to the Daily Mail former cricket star Shane Warne is undergoing a stem cell therapy to ensure that he does not go bald. Check him out getting his hairy head injected with something.

shane warne hair loss stem cell treatment

What Prompted This Shane Warne Stem Cell Hair Loss Therapy? In an interview, Shane admitted that he feels insecure about his hair loss. More importantly, he believes that he “can’t pull off the bald look”.  Here’s what the cricket icon says about the matter (via Daily Mail):

We all can’t look as good as Bruce Willis, who looks cool bald. He pulls it off. I didn’t like going bald, especially when that camera came down on my crown when I was bowling and you could see the thinning. I just didn’t like it, and for me, the last 12 years with Carl and the team [at Advanced Hair Studio], everyone in London have been able to help me.

Where Did He Undergo His Treatment? He is undergoing his stem cell treatment at the Advanced Hair Studio (AHS) in Melbourne. It is worth noting that Shane is the celebrity spokesman for the hair studio. In fact, he’s been undergoing hair loss treatment — and has been the face of Advanced Hair Studio — since 2006.

shane warne stem cell hair loss treatment - advanced hair studio

How Does This Treatment Supposedly Work? In a media release — via — here’s what AHS founder and Chair Carl Howell is saying about his studio’s hair loss treatment:

The program is the result of years of study in stem cell research which has led to this breakthrough in hair loss treatment which is designed for self-application. The easy, hygienic at-home program can be used in conjunction with Advanced Hair Studio’s Laser Therapy or as a stand-alone treatment. The 10-week program requires micro-needling and application of the formula once per week, coupled with bi-weekly applications of hair serum. Each application takes just 15 minutes to apply.

We are incredibly excited to debut this breakthrough in hair loss technology. This treatment will be life changing to those suffering from Androgenic Alopecia, or low self-esteem due to hair loss or baldness. The growth factors program produces the most natural results using stem cell technology.

Okay, But Does This Stem Cell for Hair Loss Actually Work? Well, it remains to be seen if it does. We’d like to see the research behind this treatment but, so far, AHS has not released it for people to peruse.

Update: It is worth noting that, to date, there has been no scientifically or medically proven stem cell cure for baldness or hair loss. If Shane Warne really got his hair back because of a stem cell treatment, this evidence is only anecdotal and is not a good enough proof that the same treatment would work for the public at large.

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