Stem Cell for Corneal Disease: Dr Nick Di Girolamo, Univ of New South Wales

We blogged about stem cell treatments for macular degeneration as well as for retina problems, now here’s a video report, courtesy of the University of New South Wales TV (UNSWTV), showing us how researchers from the university were able to use stem cells to restore the sight of patients with blinding corneal disease.

Watch the video below.

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Faster Stem Cell Cure Devt With Australian Breakthrough?

Australian scientists develop breakthrough method to induce stem cell faster. Stem cells therapy is clearly the wave of the future. Since Canadian scientists first discovered the presence of self-renewing cells in the bone marrow of mice in 1963, research into these self-renewing cells have come a long way.

Because of their capacity to develop into virtually any cell in the body, stem cells hold the promise of revolutionizing the practice of medicine. Scientists think it’s only a matter of time before stem cells will be used routinely to treat now incurable diseases by repairing or replacing diseased or injured cells and tissues.

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