Stem Cell Treatment for Lyme Disease

Stem Cell Treatment for Lyme Disease? Is there a stem cell treatment or cure for Lyme disease? According to a CBS News report, six siblings from Chicago flew all the way to India to undergo a stem cell treatment for their Lyme disease. They were accompanied by their parents, Jim and Wendy Sweeney.

The family made the trip “after nine years of searching for answers, after seeing endless amounts of doctors who couldn’t treat Lyme disease”.

At first, they were skeptical whether the stem cell treatment will work but they returned to the U.S. “healthier and happier”.

More from CBS:

“Were we skeptical? Yeah!” Jim said. “I was definitely skeptical to the point I said let’s just take the three sickest because we’re risking everything. If this doesn’t work, we’re going to come home and lose our house.”

They Sweeneys got home two weeks ago more in debt, but healthier and happier. “In India, they gave me my life back,” Dylan said. “It was like I had been born again.”

In this India Update video one of the kids, Ryan Sweeney, talks about his condition and how his stem cell treatment helped make him feel better. Watch:

The Sweeney family are not the only ones turning to stem cells to treat Lyme disease. Fashion model and reality TV star Yolanda Foster of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills has been using stem cells too after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease three years ago in 2013.

According to her Instagram posts, Yolanda is getting her treatment in Germany. Here’s one of Yolanda’s pics:

stem cell treatment for lyme disease - yolandah foster3

For those who can’t read the accompanying message because it is too small, here it goes: “Sweet dreams to my new stem-cells. May they strengthen my immune system to destroy the silent killer inside of me and turn this Mess into a Message.”

Another patient with Lyme disease who went to India for stem cell treatment is skateboarder and artist Gavin Peters. More about Gavin’s treatment from

In 2008, encouraged by a friend’s success, Gavin researched Nu Tech hospital in New Delhi, India, a forward-thinking institution specializing in stem cell therapies for spinal cord injuries, MS, Lyme, ALS, and other debilitating conditions. Dr. Geeta Shroff, the director of the hospital, has helped over 700 patients to date, all of whom have shown some measure of improvement. Some patients have shown such dramatic improvement that they have essentially been cured. Gavin is the 5th Lyme patient in the world to be treated at Nu Tech and has seen significant benefits from Dr. Shroff’s treatments.

Since 2008, Gavin has returned to India twice for continued treatment. His brain lesions and food allergies have dissipated, and his white blood cell count has stabilized, helping his body to fight the Lyme on its own.

Gavin owes much of his improvement to his successful stem cell treatments, which have proven to be largely effective in treating his dual diagnosis of MS and Lyme. His treatments are scheduled to resume at Nu Tech in January 2011.

Unfortunately, we can’t find any update on Gavin’s condition now.

Aside from the Sweeney siblings and Gavin Peters, other American patients who went all the way to India to undergo a stem cell treatment for lyme disease are the Ari and Dannie Steele-Baker siblings.

An excerpt on Ari’s journey to India (via the

January 6th, 2012 marked Ari’s first official day in India. He quickly found that each day would be spent dedicating every moment, and all of his strength, to healing. He received stem cells through various methods (nasal drops, intramuscularly, intravenously, via spinal catheter) as well as intensive physio-therapy sessions.

By February Ari was able to confidently assert that his chronic back pain, something he had experienced at intolerable levels every day for years, had nearly diminished. He was also able to stop taking many of the medications that he typically required just to have the energy and endurance to get out of bed.

By March, Ari’s energy and lack of pain was astonishing. He was able to go to the gym, socialize with new local friends, explore India and begin experiencing life as a young adult.

Ari returned home May 1, 2012 with the knowledge that his first round of treatment was complete. Ari learned that he would need a total of three rounds of treatment (three trips to India) in order to maximize and maintain the therapy’s potential.

A 2014 update on Ari on their website ( reveals that he continues to improve. His sister Dannie, who also underwent stem cell treatment in India for the same Lyme condition, continues to face challenges all day.

Now, it is worth noting that these reports are anecdotal and that they are not necessarily proof of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of stem cell treatment for Lyme disease.

In fact, a recent study by Dr. Paul Lantos and company which was published on the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal cited stem cell treatment is one of several unconventional treatments for Lyme disease that “is not supported by scientific evidence”.