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Stem Cell Scams: We report on unethical people who are using the promise of stem cell to scam the sick and vulnerable patients looking for a cure to their health problems.

Stem Cell Scams Europe: Davide Vannoni Stem Cell Therapy: Good or Bad? Is Davide Vannoni the first person in the world to be convicted for questionable use of stem cell therapy for profit? We haven’t come across any other name but if you know of anyone else, do tell in the comments.

Men and Male Health: Stem Cell Penis Enlargement Procedure? Right off the bat, we’d like to state unequivocally that there is no scientifically or medically proven stem cell procedure that would increase the size of a man’s package. Sorry, gentlemen, there is no evidence that stem cells can be used safety and effectively to make your joystick longer or “girthier”.

Stem Cell Tourism Scams: The evidence for therapeutic use of stem cells is very limited, except for bone marrow stem cells, but patients all over the world are convinced stem cells will cure their disease.

Cosmetic Stem Cell Side Effects, Health Risks, & Govt Safety Warnings

Cosmetic stem cell treatments: popular but untested, senior U.S. surgeons warn

Stem cell facelifts, stem cell breast augmentation, anyone? Why not? After all, it was only last December that American actress and sex symbol Suzanne Somers touted a stem-cell breast reconstruction surgery she had recently undergone to reconstruct a breast she had lost to cancer [see Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction].

The stem-cell breast reconstruction procedure, she enthused, had the potential to “revolutionize breast reconstruction.” In the same breath, she also admitted that she had had a stem cell cosmetic procedure done on her face by the same doctor who had conducted her breast surgery.

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