Cells4health & Dr. Cornelis Kleinbloesem: Scam or Stem Cell Pioneers?

Shady stem cell doctor, forced to close clinic after child’s death, is back in business: From his emails to his former patients, it’s clear that he doesn’t recognize that treating desperately ill patients with unproven stem-cell therapies is just downright wrong.

In fact, Dr. Cornelis Kleinbloesem, chief executive officer and founder of two notorious stem cell clinics, even thinks of himself as a crusading pioneer for stem cell therapy. This, despite the fact that his clinics are still embroiled in controversy over a series of deaths and serious mishaps linked to therapies conducted at their premises and under his watch.

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Is CellTex a Scam or the Stem Cell Hope of America

Is CellTex a Scam? FDA may probe Texas company involved in Gov. Perry’s stem cell treatment

Is it right to use stem cell therapies on patients with life-threatening or debilitating diseases for which there are a few cures, or none at all? Is it ethical? Is it illegal?

Those questions are at the heart of a brewing bioethics scandal implicating the Houston, Texas start-up biotech company, Celltex Therapeutics Corp., which is involved in Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s unregulated adult stem-cell operation last year.

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Cosmetic Stem Cell Side Effects, Health Risks, & Govt Safety Warnings

Cosmetic stem cell treatments: popular but untested, senior U.S. surgeons warn

Stem cell facelifts, stem cell breast augmentation, anyone? Why not? After all, it was only last December that American actress and sex symbol Suzanne Somers touted a stem-cell breast reconstruction surgery she had recently undergone to reconstruct a breast she had lost to cancer [see Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction].

The stem-cell breast reconstruction procedure, she enthused, had the potential to “revolutionize breast reconstruction.” In the same breath, she also admitted that she had had a stem cell cosmetic procedure done on her face by the same doctor who had conducted her breast surgery.

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