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Stem Cell Blindness Treatment? The Vanna Belton and Dr. Jeffrey Weiss Case

Stem Cell Blindness Treatment. Is there a stem cell cure for blindness? We’ve kinda been blogging about this for some time but, to date, the evidence we came across that stem cells can restore a patient’s eyesight are only anecdotal.

For instance, back in 2012, we reported that British TV presenter/model Katie Piper has undergone a stem cell treatment after a horrific acid attack which damaged her eyes. Four years later, it appears that Katie is doing well health-wise. She’s now married and is the mom of a two-year old daughter. Oh, she currently also serves as the ambassador for the UK Stem Cell Foundation.

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Stem Cell for Avascular Necrosis (Bone Death): Dr Dennis Lox

What do Peyton Manning, Joost van der Westhuizen, and Natasha Merangoli have in common? Well, they are all athletes (Manning is a future football Hall of Famer, Westhuizen is a South African rugby star, and Merangoli is a high school soccer athlete) but, more importantly, they all underwent some kind of stem cell treatment for certain conditions.

We will not delve on Manning’s and Westhuizen’s treatment because we already blogged about them in the past (see: Joost van der Westhuizen: Stem Cell Treatment for ALS Disease and Peyton Manning Stem Cell Therapy).

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Texas Stem Cell: Trial or Treatment Controversy

Texas Stem Cell Controversy: Treatment or Trial?. When people have life-threatening or debilitating diseases for which there are few cures, or even none at all, is it right to let them undergo stem cell therapies that have not been proven safe and effective? Is it ethical or legal?

The answer to those questions is a resounding “no,” according to a number of pre-eminent scientists and institutions — including the influential scientific journal Nature and the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). The scientists have come out in the past week to express their strong disapproval of adult stem cell regulations proposed by the state of Texas, which are up for approval this month.

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