Stem Cell Death Report – Mini-Liposuction – Macquarie Stem Cell – Australia

Stem Cell Death Report – Macquarie Stem Cells. It’s been almost three years since we blogged about a stem cell-related death. We think its high time we post another case of a patient who died following a questionable stem cell procedure.

The patient, Sheila Drysdale, died in 2013 shortly after she underwent a controversial mini-liposuction procedure at the Macquarie Stem Cells clinic in Sydney, Australia.

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Stem Cell Knee Injury Treatment: Cell Bandage Trial – University of Liverpool

Stem Cell Knee Injury Treatment: Anecdotal Evidence of Effectiveness. Is there a stem cell treatment for knee injuries? According to a report on the University of Liverpool website, a trial is being conducted using a stem cell bandage for knee injuries. So far, the results are very encouraging.

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Stem Cell Meniscus Repair: How Much Cost? Does It Really Work?

Stem Cell Meniscus Repair: How Much Cost? Does It Really Work? Can meniscus injuries be treated with stem cell injections? The jury is still out. Only anecdotal stories say it does but, as we’ve stated in the past, anecdotal evidence does not make good science.

Anyhoo, check out this video of Dr. Rick Lehman, an orthopedic surgeon who obviously believe in the power of stem cell to repair your meniscus injuries.

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