Davide Vannoni Stem Cell Therapy: Good or Bad?

davide vannoni stem cell therapy good or bad

Davide Vannoni Stem Cell Therapy: Good or Bad? Is Davide Vannoni the first person in the world to be convicted for questionable use of stem cell therapy for profit? We haven’t come across any other name but if you know of anyone else, do tell in the comments.

Apparently, Vannoni “invented” an alternative treatment procedure called the stamina method which uses stem cells to cure a wide array of diseases. This, of course, is too good to be true. And as you may already know, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Anyhoo, Italian authorities investigated Vannoni, his stamina method, and a non-profit organization he established (called the Stamina Foundation) and concluded that Vannoni and his stamina therapy is nothing but a big fat hooey. So they hailed him to court for fraud.

Rather than face trial, he entered into a plea bargain and was sentenced to 22 months.

More from ansa.it: “Stamina ‘inventor’ Davide Vannoni reached a plea bargain Wednesday of one year ten months in the fraud case against him. Vannoni was denounced after a government panel found his Stamina treatment was “ignorant of stem cell biology”. He was indicted in February 2014 for attempting to defraud the Piedmont region after funding was granted and later withdrawn for development of a stem-cell laboratory. His indictment came after the Italian State Pharmaceuticals Agency (AIFA) berated Stamina as ‘commercial and pseudoscientific’.”

So he must have had a hard time in prison, eh?

Nah! He didn’t even enter a prison cell, at least for his stem cell fraud. Apparently in Italy, you get a suspended sentence — which means you don’t have to go to prison — if you are convicted for a period of not more than two years.

At least, Vannoni is no longer selling his questionnable Davide Vannoni stem cell therapy, no? So he ain’t no longer selling false hopes.

Well, if a Nature Magazine report turns out to be true, our stem cell entrepreneur is apparently selling his stamina method somewhere in Eastern Europe.

This is a developing story and we hope to keep you updated.

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