Peyton Manning & Bartolo Colon: Stem Cell Therapy in Sports

Stem cell treatments in demand among athletes — is this cheating?

Stem cell therapy is starting to find a market in sports medicine. In fact, it is next only to the wildly popular platelet-rich plasma therapies.

Elite athletes, like Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon, who seek quick fixes to injuries in order to return competition may think they’re helping advance these advanced stem cell treatment options.

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Jorge Rivas Stem Cell Therapy in Cuba

“The skepticism of reason and the optimism of will.”

That’s what Argentina’s socialist politician Jorge Rivas — probably the world’s only quadriplegic legislator — says of the breakthrough surgery he underwent in Cuba last year that’s allowed him to slowly regain some of his faculties.

The stem cell procedure, together with sophisticated computer software to communicate similar to that used by Stephen Hawking, have allowed him to go on working as one of Argentina’s national deputies and to run for—and win—a bid for reelection last year.

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