Cheap Stem Cell Treatment, Anyone?

Cheap Stem Cell Treatment, Anyone? Stem cell treatments, even those that are unproven, are prohibitive when it comes to cost. But there is hope that stem cells will become more affordable in the future. Why should we be hopeful? Because researchers in Japan and the United States led by Dr Haruko Obokata have discovered an easier way to produce stem cells through a reprogramming phenomenon called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency or STAP. If this research holds up, it is likely to lead in cheap stem cell treatment procedures in the future.

cheap stem cell treatment

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Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s Stem Cell Cure for Baldness?

Japanese scientists use stem cells to grow hair on bald mice, raising hopes of a cure for baldness

Regardless of age, race or nationality, millions of men across the world are bothered by baldness.

The sad news is that traditional hair restoration surgery — which works by transplanting hair follicles from the back of the head to the front — wouldn’t work if you have few hair follicles left, or none at all.

So if you’re a man who’s lost all your hair and would give anything to get them back, here’s good news for you.

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Dr. Shinya Yamanaka Wins 2012 Millenium Prize

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of Japan has been chosen as one of two recipients of the Millennium Technology Prize. Yamanaka was named a 2012 laureate by the Technology Academy Finland (TAF) for discovering a new method to develop induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for medical research — a technique that doesn’t rely on the use of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs).

His method broke an impasse that had been threatening the progress of stem cell research since the first human stem cells were isolated in 1998.

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Stem Cell For Parkinsons Disease? Prof. Jun Takahashi Study – Kyoto University

Stem cells can treat Parkinson’s symptoms in monkeys — Japanese scientists. Dopamine makes us human. A neurotransmitter in the brain, it regulates movement and emotional response, and plays a major role in feeling pleasure and learning.

Low levels of dopamine cause depression, loss of motor control, addictions, cravings, compulsions and poor attention and focus. Schizophrenia, attention deficit disorders and other psychiatric disorders are also linked to dopamine activity gone awry.

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Stem Cell for Liver Disease? Dr. Ken Yaegaki Study

Bad breath plays good role in stem cell research: Dark clouds do have silver linings. In this case, the dark cloud is bad breath, and the silver lining is … stem cell research.

While bad breath remains a scourge for millions the world over, Japanese scientists have recently found a way to make use of it. Or at least, the compound that causes bad breath and ‘farting’ or flatulence, that noxious gas that smells of rotten eggs.

A team from Nippon Dental University in Tokyo found that the major cause of halitosis — hydrogen sulphide (H2S) — could help speed the transformation of stem cells from dental pulp into a type that can be used in valuable treatments for people suffering from chronic liver diseases like cirrhosis of the liver or chronic hepatitis.

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