Stem Cell for Stroke Patients: Safety and Effectiveness – UK, India Research

Stem Cell For Stroke Victims Update (12 August 2013): Aside from the two Indian studies mentioned in our original post below which offer hope that stem cell therapy can help stroke patients, a new study – this time coming from the United Kingdom – suggests that infusing the brain with stem cells may help patients recover after a stroke. The BBC tells us more:

Infusing stem cells into the brain may help boost recovery after a stroke, according to a pilot study by Imperial College London.

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Scientists Grow Human Egg Cells from Stem Cells in the Lab

Human egg cells that have been grown in a lab will soon be fertilized in a historic experiment that overturns the rules of reproduction, revolutionizes fertility — and could grant women an “elixir of youth” by banishing menopause.

American and British scientists from the Edinburgh University and the Harvard Medical School have produced the first human egg cells grown entirely in the laboratory from egg stem cells — “female germline” or “oogonial stem cells” (OSCs) — following the recent discovery of such stem cells that was, in itself, an earthshaking development in fertility science.

And as if that did not astonish enough, these lab-grown egg cells could be fertilized this year, if fertility authorities in the United Kingdom give the go signal.

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Stem Cell Surgery Restores Katie Piper Eyesight

An acid attack damaged left her disfigured and damaged her left eye. Now, thanks to a pioneering stem-cell surgery, her sight is being restored slowly. Television presenter and aspiring model Katie Piper, 29, suffered third degree burns and had to have hundreds of surgeries to reconstruct her face after an acid attack in 2008.

In the years following her attack, she fought against the odds to take her face and her life back, undergoing surgeries, intensive therapy, wearing a special plastic pressure mask 23 hours a day to stretch scar tissue—and even putting up The Katie Piper Foundation, a charity to help people live with scars and burns.

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