Davide Vannoni Stem Cell Therapy: Good or Bad?

davide vannoni stem cell therapy good or bad

Davide Vannoni Stem Cell Therapy: Good or Bad? Is Davide Vannoni the first person in the world to be convicted for questionable use of stem cell therapy for profit? We haven’t come across any other name but if you know of anyone else, do tell in the comments.

Apparently, Vannoni “invented” an alternative treatment procedure called the stamina method which uses stem cells to cure a wide array of diseases. This, of course, is too good to be true. And as you may already know, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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Stem Cell Penis Enlargement Procedure: Scam or Not? Do They Work?

Stem Cell Penis Enlargement Procedure? Right off the bat, we’d like to state unequivocally that there is no scientifically or medically proven stem cell procedure that would increase the size of a man’s package. Sorry, gentlemen, there is no evidence that stem cells can be used safety and effectively to make your joystick longer or “girthier”.

This is not to say that stem cell penis procedures definitely cannot be a thing in the future.

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Quote of the Day: Prof. Alta Charo on Stem Cell Tourism Scams

Here are some words of wisdom from Prof. Alta Charo, law and bioethics professor from University of Wisconsin-Madison, on the prevalence of scams in stem cell tourism.

Here’s a video from 2009 featuring Professor Charo and fellow UW-M Prof. Clive Svendsen talking about the science and ethics of stem cell therapy:

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Cells4health & Dr. Cornelis Kleinbloesem: Scam or Stem Cell Pioneers?

Shady stem cell doctor, forced to close clinic after child’s death, is back in business: From his emails to his former patients, it’s clear that he doesn’t recognize that treating desperately ill patients with unproven stem-cell therapies is just downright wrong.

In fact, Dr. Cornelis Kleinbloesem, chief executive officer and founder of two notorious stem cell clinics, even thinks of himself as a crusading pioneer for stem cell therapy. This, despite the fact that his clinics are still embroiled in controversy over a series of deaths and serious mishaps linked to therapies conducted at their premises and under his watch.

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Is CellTex a Scam or the Stem Cell Hope of America

Is it right to use stem cell therapies on patients with life-threatening or debilitating diseases for which there are a few cures, or none at all? Is it ethical? Is it illegal?

Those questions are at the heart of a brewing bioethics scandal implicating the Houston, Texas start-up biotech company, Celltex Therapeutics Corp., which is involved in Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s unregulated adult stem-cell operation last year.

In the latest development, a University of Minnesota bioethicist filed a complaint with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration saying that by marketing unlicensed stem cell therapies, Celltex wasn’t complying with federal laws on stem cells and putting patients in grave danger. The complaint was filed on Feb. 21 but only reported in the press in mid-March.

Officially, Celltex’s main business is banking people’s stem cells for future reinjection in the event of disease or injury. But although the company hasn’t admitted it, there is growing evidence that it also markets stem cell treatments that haven’t been cleared by the FDA.

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