Stem Cell Death Report – Mini-Liposuction – Macquarie Stem Cell – Australia

Stem Cell Death Report – Macquarie Stem Cells. It’s been almost three years since we blogged about a stem cell-related death. We think its high time we post another case of a patient who died following a questionable stem cell procedure.

The patient, Sheila Drysdale, died in 2013 shortly after she underwent a controversial mini-liposuction procedure at the Macquarie Stem Cells clinic in Sydney, Australia.

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Stem Cell Death in 2014? Kate Tan, Antonia Park, and the Green & Young Health Center

Did a stem cell treatment administered by an alternative health/wellness center in the Philippines, which counts a former President as a client, cause the death of 23-year-old cancer patient Kate Tan?

According to Bernard Tan, father of the patient who died last July 2013, his daughter underwent stem cell treatment at the Green & Young Health & Wellness Center in Tagaytay City, Philippines. He adds that they decided to seek treatment at the center after ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo underwent a stem cell procedure to cure her ailing cervical spine.

Mr. Tan reveals that her daughter was given the same treatment as ex-President Arroyo which included juicing diet, vegetable diet, acupuncture, coffee enema, and eight rounds of stem cells. He was assured that Kate will get well in three months but her condition worsened prompting his family to consult another doctor but to no avail.

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