Davide Vannoni Stem Cell Therapy: Good or Bad?

davide vannoni stem cell therapy good or bad

Davide Vannoni Stem Cell Therapy: Good or Bad? Is Davide Vannoni the first person in the world to be convicted for questionable use of stem cell therapy for profit? We haven’t come across any other name but if you know of anyone else, do tell in the comments.

Apparently, Vannoni “invented” an alternative treatment procedure called the stamina method which uses stem cells to cure a wide array of diseases. This, of course, is too good to be true. And as you may already know, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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Stem Cell for Brain Damage or Injury: Swedish Research Results

Stem cell for brain damage or injury: Swedish study offers hope. If cancer is feared for the intense and chronic pain it brings, strokes and neurodegenerative disorders are feared because these ailments are “mind-robbers” — they steal away patients’ minds, taking away their memories, their ability to think and concentrate, and even do simple things like tie their shoelaces or feed themselves.

Strokes happen when blood-flow to a part of the brain stops suddenly in what’s often called a “brain attack.” In that few seconds that the brain can’t get oxygen, brain cells die, causing permanent damage.

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