Stem Cell for Multiple Sclerosis: Canada Trials – Winnipeg and Ottawa

Stem Cell for Multiple Sclerosis Trials in Canada. The MS Clinic at HSC Winnipeg and the Ottawa MS Clinic will be conducting clinical trials to look into the use of mesenchymal stem cells to treat multiple sclerosis. The trials will be conducted in the cities of Winnipeg, MB and Ottawa, ON.

Our Canadian readers who would like to participate in these two trials may want to email to express your interest. You can also contact them at 204-787-4778.

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Sickle Cell Anemia and Black Donors

African-Canadians urged: Save lives from sickle-cell anemia, donate blood, stem cells. It’s a disease that can cause sudden episodes of extreme pain. Often, only powerful, addictive painkillers can help relieve the pain. It’s chromic and untreatable, slashing the life expectancies of sufferers by 30 years. It demands comprehensive management, straining the resources and energy of families of children who suffer from it.

It’s sickle cell anemia, the potentially fatal inherited disease of the red blood cells that predominantly affects people of African, South American or Caribbean descent.

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